Hello! I'm Tiffany Bond, a passionate photographer based in Fort Worth, Texas. I specialize in maternity and newborn babiesI'm an explorer at heart and my goal is to capture the beauty and emotion of the world around me. I specialize in a wide range of photography, from newborns to portrait and lifestyle. I believe that every moment is worth capturing and strive to make my photos stand out. I'm a firm believer in natural light, and I'm always looking for new and creative ways to capture it. I'm also passionate about continuing to learn new types of photography and expanding my knowledge. I'm constantly inspired by the world around me, and I'm driven by the desire to create unique, memorable images.

I'm a wife & mom of three. I absolutely love babies, but I can't have anymore so I live vicariously through my newborns sessions. I'm a science fiction dork and I love fiction/fantasy books. I'm also a huge crime junky and devour crime podcasts while I edit all your photos!  

Meet The PHOTOGRAPHER Behind The Lens


These are lifes most special moments.

I've been photographing my kids for years. I first picked up a camera in 2020 to photograph my children and absolutely loved the feeling I get when I look through the lens. It's thrilling and emotional and absolutely fills me with joy. 

I've been a nurse for years and my specialty is in the ICU. After 2020 and the pandemic, I needed to find something better for my spirit. I needed something to balance the overwhelming sadness of my full time job. 
I knew immediately I wanted to work with newborns. I just love babies and motherhood, it is my PASSION!

Now in 2023, photography is my FULL TIME JOB! I still work as needed as a RN and the balance is exactly what I needed. I am the happiest I've ever been and getting to experience all of your lifes moments with you is my passion! 

how it started